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First Mobile app that truly mimics the original

Polycom HDX remote


Now, you can carry your Polycom  HDX remote with you everywhere.  Using the touch capability of the iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android, you’re able to pair with the Polycom HDX and fully control* it just like you would with a traditional Polycom HDX remote.     


VTC-Remote has several enhancements over the Polycom HDX remote.

  • Visual indicator of local microphone mute

  • Visual indicator of active call

  • IP address of remote system

These enhancements make the remote easier to use even if you are an extended distance from the Polycom HDX.  The local microphone mute indicator is a small red line down the left side of the remote when the local audio is muted.  The active call visual indicator is a small green line down the right side of the remote.  This line will be there anytime the Polycom HDX is in a call.  Also, when in an active call, there will be a message on the Polycom HDX remote display that will show the site name and IP address of the far end site your Polycom HDX is connected to.


Android Version now available in Android marketplace.

* - The only button not mimicked is the “power” button.


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