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This is a listing of other projects that Gary Miyakawa, Inc has developed.  

Please check them out when you can.

Video Conferecing sites:

www.vtcmonitor.com  - This tool allows you to monitor up to 40 Polycom endpoints on one screen.

www.vtc-remote.com - This iPhone app allows the user to use their iPhone/iPod/iPad as a Polycom HDX remote.

www.vtc-csi.com - This tool creates an analysis of a pcap of a H.323 call.

www.vtctest.com - The most frequently used independant Video Conferencing test site in the world.


Fun things:

Video Conferencing from a Delta Flight - Polycom CMA-D from the air

Lighted Bowling ball for Cosmic bowling - Click Here

Gary Miyakawa
460 Roswell Hills Place
Roswell, Ga. 30075